crystallineCold seeps into my bones
Black as death’s shadow
The frenzied rush of life
Drowned in so much static
A creeping mortification
Balanced on a razor’s edge
Before falling to earth
As solid as concrete
And shedding no tears
Dressed in this rusty halo
Carved out of stardust
Married to a night
That’s never ending
In a world made of ice
Shattered by memory
Bereft of pure emotion
Breath paused in midair
Mingling with the shards
Of so many broken dreams
That always float away
Before the great thaw.


red_dress600_606She only speaks in riddles
Fractious like the dawn
When it comes way too soon
Then fades into day
Trivialized by a nature
As cunning as the fall
When it shifts into winter
Shadowed and ashamed
Haunted by complexity
And this feathered life
This loquacious nothing
Streaming from her lips
Such traditional longing
Couched in uncertain terms
Like the Sirens at night
Drawing me deeper in
With tones of pure silk
And lies like sugar
Melting on my tongue
My words twisting like hers
Around a semblance
Of what we used to be.


Varied Grays

variedgrayI think in colors
In vivid reds and blues
An endless river
Vibrant and alluring
They mess with my mind
Constant companions
Violating my soul
This bright blood
And rushing river
Sluicing away evidence
Of something forgotten
The moment after it’s done
A monumental shift
Edging out emotion
To make room for apathy
As deep as an ocean
Shaded in varied grays
Hostile in their intent
But docile like air
About to burst its shell
And drift away
Like it was never there at all.