Bleeding Into Friday

Painful_Love_Suite_II_by_AnkyShpankyI found an excuse
To embrace this agony
Lithe and vigorous
Holding me closely
Like my own twin
This mirror image
Blending into one
Marked by thin lines
Spiderwebbing out
This cold friction
Stronger than us
This blossoming fire
Consuming our sin
And I hide my face
As you hide your scars
Counting our breaths
Ragged and abused
Like a Thursday night
Bleeding into Friday
And these excuses
Floating on the waves
This churning foam
Fighting back the night
The spiteful words
When we said a goodbye
We thought would never come
Left holding a pain
That throbs like love
In my broken heart.


snowblindIn the frigid cold
The shadows dance
Limber and afraid
They conjure hate
In these pure fields
And fallen drifts
Under heaven’s gaze
In perfect white light
This distant sun
As barren as it is
Crossing at midpoint
Then winking away
Like fireflies
Illuminating white
These muted shades
Transforming shallows
Into layered planes
This aching need
To be flawless
Without dying first.

Like Glass

fantasy wallpapersYou don’t know the me
That hides in shadow
Waiting to come alive
When dreams morph
Into nightmares
Solidly foreboding
Like crushing weight
Changing everything
While I sit here
Pretending life away
Saccharine smile
Put on for show
Convincing as sin
This tendency to please
Flipped inside out
This me you love
That doesn’t exist
Except in fantasy
Shared between us
Fragile like glass
Like these memories
In my periphery
These particles
That make us real
Even when we’re not.