ball_01I’ve seen this before
The ladies dancing
On feet as light as air
Gentlemen bowing low
Fair fancy, fancy fair
In brushstrokes thick
On canvases bright
Bereft of comedy
To be displayed tonight
I have those dancing shoes
All neatly tucked away
For reasons unknown
And that is where they’ll stay
For ladies to arrive
In olden fair array
To step from the frame
Leaving paint prints behind
It’s never quite the same
I shake my head in wonder
At the fantastic scene
That shifts my world asunder
I wonder what it means
Then the lady nearest smiles
And I take her in my arms
Before waking from this dream
I sample all her charms
Then awaken with a sigh
To footprints of blue
That lady must have been you.

Like You

women_fantasy_mirror_stockings_teen_skirts_1280x834_wallpaper_Wallpaper_1680x1050_www.wallpaperswa.comI love and hate
Just like you
Living my fake life
Held in esteem
Trained to win
Just like you
Slave to rhythm
Married to change
Foolishly numb
Just like you
One at a time
Walking my way
Left before right
Just like you
We live and die
Separated into lines
Like marching ants
Crying out for more
Waiting to be heard
Exactly like you
Even though I’m not.


1407170-bigthumbnailI bathed in your tears
In the purging of your youth
Raining down on me
Photographs on pause
Waiting to be noticed
By those who have eyes
With wishes dear
Expressive in agony
Fighting for love
And finding apathy
Hollowed out in time
Drunk on bitter wine
Like blood from stone
Rung out and dried
Impossible to believe
The lies in your mouth
Spilling out like water
In a tempestuous sea.


Dreamscapes 6Dreamscapes beckon
All powder blue
Awash in lamplight
For night’s delight
With hills that roll
And crayon grey
Bursting into life
The scene shifts
To flights of fancy
Far above the world
A spinning vortex
Flashing bright
Disappears from sight
Water covers all
A prism in yellow
As quiet as rain
Falling in time
A flood of blue
Washing me away
To meet the rising day.


phpThumbphp-1Pretense is tempting
Truth dressed up in lies
Standard fare
Collapsing on itself
Like confetti
Tossed into the breeze
Flirting with eternity
But gone too soon
Easy to misunderstand
Taken for granted
In place of conscience
Waiting for a turn
That never comes
This commonplace sin
Set on edge
Invisible to see
Yet solid as stone
Half-truths blend together
Forming a bond
That keeps its own confidence
And wastes no tears.


forbidden_love_by_hellenFqI shouldn’t want you
But I can’t help myself
The curve of your neck
Inviting me in
You smell of lavender
Like a fresh rain
Moist as morning dew
Shiny and new
But you’re forbidden fruit
Hanging low on the branch
Sliding against my cheek
Smooth and supple
My eyes closed tight
Denying you entrance
At least there
Longing for more
But left wanting
Breath coming quick
Dissipating in air
Calling for you
But there’s no reply.