In Your Eyes

412856026_640I dropped my focus
Left it in the trash
With your definition of me
So one-dimensional
Judgmental in its glance
But I’m not your slave
At least when it matters
Not chained in place
Like a rat on a wheel
Scratching to be heard
To no avail
Because you’re gone
And I shouldn’t care
Pretending you’re still there
When all I have is tears
For the way things were
A miracle of sorts
That I haven’t died
Wrapped up in your sin
Shackled to your ghost
My vision clearing
To reveal what was lost
In your eyes.

This Rigid Love

thLove is extreme
Screaming loud
Tacitly quiet
Never lukewarm
Solid like stone
Pulsing with rhythm
Caught in a glance
Flirtatious at best
Apathetic at worst
Finding itself
While running away
Love is a war
Battle plans scripted
Sides stained red
Conscious of itself
Amidst the turmoil
A dance with no end
As tired as night
Before morning comes
Fresh like dew
Blissfully honest
Even when it hurts
Falling down like stars
Across the muted sky.


thI studied the give and take
The rules that don’t matter
Alive as they are in chaos
Ruination in their glance
And whiskey for the night
Because wine won’t do
And I think I may be crazy
In this sordid scenario
Where minstrels sing songs
That breed discord
As righteous as the rain
While they hustle and ball
The men in black coats
Silent like old films
Cut and pasted to match
Take one, give the other
And come out ahead
But they’ll never blink first
The haves and the have nots
For completely opposite reasons
Neither of which matter
Like those disregarded rules
The little games of give and take
When no one’s giving all
And whiskey is king
Sitting high and judging low.


Beautiful_Fantasy_Girls_WallpapersShe comes to me in dreams
Sleeping tendrils tickling fair
Conscious before I can breathe her
Hold her like fire
Waiting for the burn
With her baby fine skin
Eyes that look through me
Repercussions in her glance
Stored in fine memory
Affixed to inner eyelids
Perfection in the dark
A twisting of the sheets
Cool breeze touching my brow
That stirs a hidden flame
Face aglow in the mist
Lost in emotion’s echo
In the turning of phrase
That accompanies her scent
Lips set in a straight line
Innocence obscured
By daylight’s shadow
That brings me back to life.


Deaths_Sanctuary_Wallpaper_b72dwThey pass in columns
Ordered rows of chaos
A stirring in their eyes
Agitated by experience
That loss of innocence
Clouding perspective
Robotic in the shuffle
Despite the pain
Pushing it down deep
Where secrets hide
Searching for light
So pure like desire
But it’s not here
This place of mercy
Shut up in their bones
Waiting to breathe
To release on cue
And flow into the sea
Their faces turn in time
Facing the far wall
Words like hieroglyphs
From ceiling to floor
Welcoming like old friends
Who scream on demand
In little wooden boxes
When the fire begins.

A Small Death

cross-wallpaperA small death
Shameful by nature
Lost in reply
Measured transgression
By shadow’s breadth
Such a silent song
Sung by innocence
A soulful dirge
Captured in a blink
The repertoire
Absent like fall
Waiting for winter
A dangerous idea
With sweet pretext
And mortal ends
Shaken loose
By fragile hands
Grasping to hold firm
Alive for a moment
Before passing on
And starting over.