185114-blurred-silhouette-through-weeping-glassFrosted glass
Obscuring naked flesh
Water pouring down
Washing her clean
Porcelain skin
Glistening in profile
Beaded like sweat
Fog rising in layers
Clearing by sections
Playing hide and seek
With wild abandon
It exposes her beauty
Hiding blemishes
As the steam dissipates
Leaving streaks on glass
She steps out
Body dripping wet
Onto the cold tile
Smiling into the camera
But only for effect.


209346Angles and planes
Harsh reality
Flattened to fit
Then pressed down
Molded like clay
Hardened by time
And cut into pieces
Sharp like stone
Slowly weathered
Then left to decay
Hot like charcoal
In the summer sun
Sparkling like diamonds
Set in a display
Adorning her hand
The answer yes
Misguided as they are
But happiness lives
In angles and planes
Flying on til morning.


brunettes women sleeping illuminated_wallpaperbeautiful_82You left at midnight
Crawled out of my bed
Cowardly and cruel
While I slept soundly
Focused on sweet dreams
And the warmth of you
Deep inside of me
Where I cannot hide
This version of me
Utterly lost in you
But you’re long gone
Hiding in shadow
Practicing avoidance
Classic technique
And I hate your smile
The one that lied
That said everything’s fine
It took me by surprise
Making me love you
In spite of myself
And the bed is cold
Wrapped around me
Where your arms used to be
Before midnight.

Street’s Disciple

ProstituteAnother night in the city
On lighted street corners
Waiting for satisfaction
For attention to detail
Dressed in shades of gray
And tangled up in blue
Like twisted sheets
Hung out on the line
Neglected and scarred
As fragile as the breeze
That would ruffle her skirt
But it’s nonexistent
Sweet dove at midnight
Hardened by the years
And the city’s cold streets
Money tucked in cleavage
Wantonly seeking her prey
She stands, provocative
Petulant as a teenager
For what she feels is hers
And what she feels is not
Somehow tied together
Like kite to string
Taking to the air
Framed by the moon.

Love Song From a Vampire

vampire-teeth-sacred_love1550-8810346-269-3452Blood warm to the touch
Pulsing beneath the surface
Sliding through her veins
Like smoke through lungs
Kissing skin as it passes
Frustrated and trapped
Calling out my name
Desperate for deliverance
And understanding.

She sleeps so soundly
Under spotless, silky sheets
Crisp and cool to the touch
Breathing in perfect rhythm
Neck exposed to the air
An invitation of sorts
Eyes fluttering softly
Beneath lids covering dreams
That carry her thoughts to me.

I am lying beside her
Her heartbeat quickening
Subconscious keenly aware
Pulling me farther in
Fangs glistening by moonlight
That filters in through the window
Before sliding into her skin
At once sexual and predatory
And her body responds.

Blood warm in my mouth
Coursing through my system
Immortalized in the journey
As I reach out for her
Drawing her painfully near
While moans escape her lips
Eyes closed against the world
Caught up in our hidden dance
Until morning

When I fade away.


thA photograph of sorts
Capturing her essence
Demure and demonstrative
Catlike in her quickness
Devilish in the approach
Trained for dominance
But lacking effect
Conscious of time
The thief in the night
Stealing beauty
Exchanging it for glass
A million see-through panes
That reflect nothing
But reveal hollow eyes
Looking beyond the frame
Into the chasm beyond
The flash blinding
Eclipsing her image
Before it is exposed
In flesh and fantasy
In dreams that waver
Before waking up.