Facing East

I am facing East
Bending with the wind
That blows with gale force
Leading me from myself
Drowning out my screams
But I refuse to break
This naive outlook
Shockingly shattering
These notions of life
This broken compass
Tilting Northwest
Like a semi-taut wire
Flapping in the breeze
Lost amidst the chaos
Of a world gone mad
These repellent magnets
Forced into proximity
Waiting for the pause
That says I’ll be home
Just not right now
Because I’m facing East
And it feels too good
For me to turn.

When the Bough Breaks


When the bough breaks
The squirrels scatter
Skittering across
To the next tree in line
Hedging their bets
With their form of god
The rain crashes through
Dancing leaf to leaf
Delighting the canopy
With its cadence
Lightning in the air
Thunder everywhere
Deafening in the woods
Where foxes take cover
Bedraggled as they are
And wait for the sun

When the bough breaks
It splits in half
And the gathering dusk
Consumes its jagged edges
In consistent shadows
Far from the maddening crowd
Of jaguars and bears
Who disappear for survival
Sprinting pell-mell
Into the underbrush
Like smokers on break
Waiting for salvation
As the lightning abates
In the gathering gloom
And these dangerous woods
Explode in divisive calm

When the bough breaks
The cataclysmic force of it
Cleaves the world in two
And leaves it speechless.


I’m in love with you
Your wild-eyed stare
Your flyaway hair
Your caution sign
Your flawed design
Your controlled smile
Your adamant denial
Your semi-perfect hate
Your tendency to wait
Your monumental sigh
Your singsong lullaby
Your condescending tone
Your love of the unknown
Your backwards glance
Your second chance
Your conscious needs
Your heart that bleeds
Your fanciful song
Your will to be strong
Your vulnerable side
Your gut wrenching pride
Your pledge to be true
Every little part of you

Could you ever love me too?


Sky_night_THThe night is young
Like a newborn child
Starving at the teat
Looking for a grace
That may not arrive
A speckled canvas
Sprinkled with stars
Waiting for daybreak
Lost in the middle
Of a shifting sky
The moon up high
Brilliantly yellow
A sliver of hope
Falling out of favor
With this quietude
Once lit by lightning
And a rumbling thunder
That served notice
That nothing is safe
Even the dead of night
With its strange portents
And incandescent sighs
These somnolent lights
That always guide me home
Despite my misgivings.


This triangle has three sides
Your side is flatter than mine
And the third I cannot see
Not because it’s invisible
But because I’m turned away
Always looking at you
Straining to be that flat
To press my curvature
Into submission
Like I know you would want
If you thought about those things
If you gave me a second glance
A chance to flatten myself
Like a windowpane
To separate the pouring rain
So it doesn’t fall down on you
Not because I want you dry
But because it’s hard
To see you in the rain
And the third side sighs
Shifting into position
To try and catch your eye
Or is it mine?
Or does it really matter
In the middle of this
Complicated dance
Between shadow and light
And straight lines that meet
Somewhere in the middle?

This triangle has three sides
But I only ever see these two
And I’m still trying to be flat
When I’m a circle.