329280Your heart is like the moon
Desperately seeking light
Inconstant in its orbit
And only out at night
Fighting to break free
To wrap itself around me
And never let go
But that’s not life
With its indefinite nature
Blurred lines coalescing
Into a reasonable facsimile
Of the possibility of love
The joy of losing your heart
Never to find it again
Of adoring what you cannot have
Drifting like flotsam
Colliding with a distant shore
And calling it home
Because love comes and goes
Just blink your eyes
And wish.


souls_within_dark_fantasy_skull_skeleton_3d_hd-wallpaper-42906Night of bones
Dancing in unison
Creating angles
Forbidden by time
Tempting fate
Yearning to feel
Moon shining down
Casting a glow
Sickly pale
Hollowing the edges
Swift like wind
With a clatter
Scattering bones
Like so many teeth
Fading to ash
Snatched by fate
And tucked away
For tomorrow.


african-american-couple-flirtingYou slide into my orbit
Newly polished like brass
With weightless abandon
Waiting for a sign
For an invitation to stay
To ground yourself in me
Pulling tautly against
Expectation’s shadow
Wavering in-between
I see you from afar
Coming closer than skin
Warm and feverish
Drawing me surely in
And then we dance
Our bodies never touching
Heightened anticipation
You whisper my name
Sacred like water
Flowing from your lips
Sliding over me
Like holy water
From the fathomless deep.


d9b588394792281923999fefb6f8fe63The ghost of you
And the h’ain’t of me
Twisted in memory’s sheets
Hanging on a line
Thin like a razor’s edge
Balanced in a moment
Before falling clear
There we sit
Spectral at best
Wispy with need
Comforted by the moon
As it slides over
Glazing us like ice
Until we are perfect
Pressed into forms
And made precise
By precious hands
Entwined in time.


Alienation-of-Affection-attorney-charlotte-ncYou ignored me
On my longest day
As cold as you dare
And you weren’t there
Hung up on the cheating
The lying and the like
Focus narrower than thread
It went straight to your head
And got lost there
As nightmares will
I want to shake you
Break you out of it
This animosity
These melancholy chains
That keep you from me
They turn my mood
A souring of sorts
And I blame you
Your harsh judgments
Raining down on me
Conveyed by your silence
With its eternal portents
Dragging me down deep
Sinking in the quagmire
Burning in your fire
Until I’m as invisible
As you wish me to be.


thYou took a piece of my heart
Wrapped it in cellophane
Placed it in your glovebox
And closed the latch tight
So sordid

It takes up only half the space
Next to your driving gloves
That supple leather feel
The one I know so well
Tucked in close and safe
Like my love

Then you left it in the dark
Like you abandoned me
You sought the hidden part
Where all humans bleed
But time discarded us
And left me ruined

But those gloves still fit
As expensive leather will
So subtle
Like my beating heart
In your glovebox.