shadow_woman_blackSMWe are naked in our skin
Clothed in Friday morning
Or last week’s pain
Intensified by distance
Magnified by time
Yet misunderstood
In the nature of the day
Clear as conscience
Bathed in apathy
Like a summer rain
When it comes straight down
Forceful and blunt
The disparity clear
Between twilight and dawn
And the birth of forever
Lodged in my throat
When I look at it now
Naked as night
Seen through the moon.

Like Ink

19244f6205267c01f8a2faec464e4d0a-d37f90v.pngA turn of phrase
So simple
And yet profound
Painted prose
In shades of gray
With muted sound
Stretched thin
Withering in the sun
Like twisted vines
Before they die
He speaks in rhyme
Aged and demure
Words frosty
Ill-tempered as rain
The river rising
Black like ink
Over-running its banks
Until the writing ceases
And the hating begins
Warriors in blue
No weapons in sight
Yet cutting like knives
Carving the phrase
Into sections
Killing the poet
As surely as sin
Against the backdrop
Of societal rules
Bleeding like ink
From black fingers.

Dulcet Tones

thThe bell is clear
Concise like fire
Sparking from a match
A ringing out
Crystalline and cold
Sharp as steel
Vibrations true
Steadily rising
To a fever pitch
Caught in its own wake
Like churning water
Filling empty space
Daunting really
The idea of sound
Measured out in spades
Anxiously loud
Flickering to life
Names pressed to lips
Threatening to escape
In the symphony
Or in the sheer noise
That drowns it all
Then makes it whole again
At the tinkling
Of a bell.

Ghosts Rising

Spirit-rising-from-body-ghost-death-1914250A shuddering sigh
Breaking the night
With its wanton noise
Emotionally stern
Lost to the cool air
Then floating away
Pain cuts deep
In solid, even lines
Frozen over
Crystallized by thought
Drowned in yesterday
Like stirring paint
Or ghosts rising
From sliding mists
And waking dreams
She sighs again
Exposed and ragged
Raw like iron
Dragged from the ground
But nothing changes
Except the shifting winds
That bring her back to me
Then dissipate her ghost
As it reaches for the sun.