All I Need

woman-sad-fantasy-goth-948695All I need
Is your lies
All dressed up
Like make believe
Fascinate me
With my foolish heart
That hears truth
When you deceive
This trusting soul
That longs for more
Stop this pain
This dreadful throb
So insistent
It makes me scream
When all I need
Is a slip of the tongue
A minor inconvenience
A fragment of you
Twisted in a rhetoric
Familiar as my own skin
A turn of phrase
This subtle subterfuge
So poignant
The lie so complete
That it swallows all else
And leaves me breathless
Waiting for more
But getting so much less
Than what I really need.


04_06_09__-(109)__largeThe edges are blurred
Warped from fair abuse
I watch her from afar
My breath quickens
Warm as it passes my lips
As her kisses used to do
We live in limbo
A purgatory of sorts
Denying ourselves pleasure
Indulging in a pain
So complete it pleases
Caught in this cycle
That we cannot break
Just for old times’ sake
Or the promise of more
But we live in a past
Fabricated by our now
This mixed up little world
Purged of every lie
While waiting for a clarity
We missed in the moment
Trapped in this dance
Without keeping time.


universe-galaxy-lake-of-sorrow-blue-fantasy-planet-sky-space-stars-299574The night gives up its secrets
Piecemeal, like a sleeping child
Fluttering eyelids give them away
As the night bleeds into day
While the colors blend together
Beautiful like the rising sun
Sliding across the eastern sky
Settling like so much dust
Promises given in morning light
Forgotten by wandering minds
In the spectral haze of time
That fades in the gloaming
As dusk replaces fantasy
And night closes like a veil
Across the edge of the world
Daring to see past tomorrow
Eyelids shimmering with stars
That sparkle when they close
Revealing a magic seldom seen
As sleep reclaims its own
Holding its secrets close
As its breath fogs up the glass.

My God

thHarsh light slicing down
Cutting me in two
This brilliant Before
And startling After
Separated by pain
Intensely personal
Like a lover’s kiss
Before saying goodbye
Her shadow narrows
As the light shifts
I’m blind to Her decay
Marginal like faith
Evidential and such
Keeping Her next to me
At monumental cost
But I never see Her face
As She always turns away
And fades into the light
Or it fades into Her
While in the distance
A dove sings to itself
By the water’s edge
Where She will be reborn
In Her own time.

Death Waits

thMetal on metal
Screeching loud
Like fast cars
Passing too close
A stark warning
As frank as night
Moonless and tight
Squeezing past
Scraping clean
Hesitation marks
Left in modeled clay
Hard like iron
And silver stars
A promise to try
The wake-up call
Late as usual
Stopping me short
Standard fare
Too much to measure
Spilling over
Neutral in nature
Until it burns
Purified by fire
Erasing scars
Pressing flat
Until the dawn
When breaths come
Before they’re exhaled
Into the frosty air
While death waits
For a second pass.

Perfect Love

walking_away_by_rah_xephon-d3e724fI saw you leave
With your silhouette
And your high heels
The flimsy ones
Constraint shifting
Like old constructs
Your past showing
In the details
And the way you left
So silently
With whispered pause
Distracted by this
The absence of love
In a backward glance
Stretched thin
This bleeding heart
Still follows your pace
Bereft of a perfect love
That we never had.