women_fantasy_mirror_stockings_teen_skirts_1280x834_wallpaper_Wallpaper_1680x1050_www.wallpaperswa.comHindsight as it is
Judges from afar
Shifting thoughts
And second guessing
Rather prompt payment
For services rendered
A last testament
As jaded as yesterday
Sounding like brass
Horribly out of tune
A factual fiction
Preserved in verse
Its preordained curse
Tragic in its course
And never nostalgic

Hindsight as it is
Makes everything perfect
Even out of chaos
But at an awful price.

To Be Human

Flesh and bone
Blood and sinew
Knitted together
With painted on skin
Stretched taut
Breath steady
Inhale and exhale
Pulse strong
Muscles flex
Ready and waiting
Eyes sharp
Fresh and focused
Seeing through shadow
Infused with light
Turned inside out
Mind attuned
Mentally trained
Pieced together
A congruence of parts
Working in tandem
To be human.


River rising red
Rushing swiftly past
Resplendently rare
Radiantly riveting
Running aground
Rapids churning
Then back to sea
A twisting tunnel
Tumultuously turning
With tidal wave tremors
Traveling its length
Churning churlish foam
Into a frenetic froth
Following the flood
Frequently foolish
Yet free to roam
Floating downstream
Ferrying detritus
Fostering destruction
Until it slams into the shore
Shocked into silence
Before it begins to build
On its way back out
Into the red river.


A shiver and a sigh
Simultaneously present
At the moment of release
An arching of the back
A whispered prayer
Escalating by the second
Moans escaping like wind
Their bodies entwined
As silken sheets
On naked skin
Pressed firmly together
Yet loose enough to breathe
In perfect rhythm
For one brief moment
Before it’s gone
And they separate
With the briefest of sighs
Until the next climax.


She’s fragile
Such savoir-faire
Tender as the night
With amber eyes
And amethyst heart
Quite a pity
That she won’t last
Like a daydream
Eyes closed
She soaks in the sun
With her ivory skin
Like porcelain
With an expiration date
Edged in gold
Faded for effect
Drifting apart
Gently like mist
A million destinations
Contained in one girl
Who slips away
Until the dawn.

Holy Ground

Earth in various shades
Of red and gray
Blood and smoke
Tendrils twisted tight
Packed firm
Waiting for morning
The worm to burrow deep
Glossy sheen of dew
Illuminating shadows
Sun swept aside
Like a damask curtain
They stand at angles
Eyes closed to daylight
Faces aglow
With inner light
Standing still
On holy ground.