Blood Meets Blood

Blood_Wallpaper_2_by_Rififi99Blood ice cold in my veins
Blue like Nevada winter
Trickling through this narrow pass
Searching for tender heat
In the midst of this dry season
The warmth of human touch
To reach into my solemn soul
Carved in frozen tunnels
As rigid as calcified bone
Wishing for a melting time
To blend with this beating heart
Turning blue to rushing red
Bright like Arizona clay
Shining in the summer sun
Where blood meets blood
And sings in perfect rhythm
Lost in the fluid rhyme
Of this dear-reverence love.

Push and Shove

lovevsangerI never knew from love
Except the push and shove
Primal in its pull
Magnetic in intensity
Familiar like a song
While we merely sing along
Chaos clothed in order
Shackled to expectation
Painful to the touch
Fragmentary as such
It’s a learning process
This blending of souls
Pressed hard against a wall
Begging us to fall
Like a thief in the night
Who fights for relevance
Waging a silent war
Always begging for more
It leaves me in its wake
Alone and vulnerable
Waiting to begin again
And all I’ll ever know from love
Will be the constant push and shove.


dark_alleyThe night envelops her
Cold and distant
A heady embrace
Tempered by time
Faintly sparkling
Seen through a haze
Smoky like her eyes
When she looks at me

A breeze blows by
Rushing to get somewhere
Other than here
Locked in staged combat
Fragmentary at best
While she steals away
Faint footfalls testament
To her stealthy escape

Her ear pressed to stone
Listening to it age
As I watch her unbeknownst
Caught up in a sigh
Unexpressedly tender
Fading to irrelevance
Wondering what might happen
If I speak

Then the moment passes
Night turns to day
And with it comes decay
Eating me from the inside
Tearing off more pieces
Of my shattered heart
Smoke rising in layers
To block out the sun.

Watching You

thYou know I like to watch
With your delicate nature
And your sensitivity
As you hide in corners
Waiting for a sense of me
But I’m seamless
Like a ghost I glide in
Leaving absolutely no trace
Only the taste on your lips
That you somehow imagined
I like to move
In time with your shadow
As dark as night’s glow
Fitting into your mold
Like fragments coalescing
So beautiful and bold
You beckon to me
Like “Heathcliff” ‘cross the moors
A whisper at high volume
Intimate like my dreams
Until you’re standing there
Watching me in return
Waiting for a chance
To see me burn.


eye contactHe faces west when she’s not watching
Hands on hips that don’t exist
Watching in his periphery
For a blink of understanding
But he waits alone in this crowd
Adjacent to everyone at once
Yet outside of his idea of home
She pretends not to see him
Waiting for the subtlest sign
A hint that something’s changed
Seeing the shadow of a sigh
Wrapped up in his buffalo stance
Their eyes meet in-between breaths
Stopping to inquire
Then moving on to others
Who matter not at all
Comfortable in the hidden dance
That moves and sways in perfect time
With the rhythm of their heat.


perfectShe was never as perfect
As the picture in my head
A misplaced photograph
That lingers at the edge
Threatening to fall
Like my tears when she left
That unexpected exit
Ripped my soul apart
As radiant as the sun
She blinded me
Like night’s wings
That ghost of yesterday
Fading into memory’s web
I hang on for dear life
Watching the mask slip
Revealing the woman within
Decidedly not perfect
But all I’ll ever want
Hoping it’s not too late
To dust off that portrait
And make it shine.