World Away

Breathe deeply
Take in the scene
Objective at best
Depressing at worst
Filed away inside
Away from the world
Where I like to live
Deep in my cocoon
Shattered by life
Earth loose
Feet slippery
Joining with me
As secure as we dare
Without wings.


ghost townFocus blurred
Blended and worn
Faded with age
And rough edged
Approaching death
Like an old friend
Hand outstretched
Into the abyss
Time stretched wide
Then folded up
Twisted in on itself
Finding space
For consequence
And transition
At long last.

Venus Rising

She rises from the foam
Clothed in watery tresses
And nothing else
Alive for the first time
Blessed by Jupiter
Conscious of every sensation
Sexual in her nature
Oozing from her pores
Supreme goddess of love
A stylized beauty
More cunning than quick
Sliding smoothly past Mars
With a come hither glance
She’s traveling light
In love with herself
Vainglorious to a fault
But worshiped by masses
Who kneel at her feet
And watch her continue
To rise.

Second Coming

I rearranged my schedule
For her second coming
More informal than the first
And clouded in secrecy
Except to me
Entrusted sentinel
Fallen angel on her watch
Wings black with soot
Yet faithful to blood
Fanciful as it seems
Running like a stream
Past my idea of her
Conjured during cold nights
Wide awake and dreaming
Although we’ve never met
Physical flesh and bone
Sinews flecked with ivory
As pure as she remains
What I long for
More than perfect love
Or the shadow of before
And the taste of ever
She comes to me in shadow
Exiting in light
Once again.


10738She has hair of gold
Reflecting the sun’s rays
As perfectly as a mirror
Hiding her dark side
The screaming and terror
That came to her at night
When the moods hit
In the deepening fog
As thick as thieves
Laid on a knife’s edge
Her shuddering breaths
Oddly quick
Like a stutter-step
Eyelids fluttering madly
Waiting for a salvation
That never comes
Not even in dreams.


300px-Healthy_feetHer trip takes years
Barefoot, through soil,
Across acreage pale and old
Destination unclear
But there just the same
Tiredly waiting
As she treads earth
Feet bloody and worn
Lips chapped
Dress clinging to narrow hips
Masking a fading figure
Once her pride and joy
But solitude changes all
Welds her soul in places
Too intimate to see
Her walk arrested
By dirt and bone
Graveyard vultures near
Waiting for her to drop
And they can feast
But until then they stare
At the stripped flesh
Of her bare feet.