In Vain

night-moon-dark-clouds-clouds-nature-1080x1920These dark nights fester
While I fight my demons
Of all this tainted love
Spilled out like blood
Red and sinuous
While bitter tears flow
As angry as wasps
Coming home to ruins

These pitch black nights
Perpetuated by lies
Steeped in a tradition
Poured down like fire
Burning white hot
Against the ponderous sky
Where I died
While others thrived

This fractured soul
Hollowed out and empty
Like muted nightingales
Tweeting in vain
Looking for a release
That will never come
As night turns to day
With the song of the lark

Singing in vain.

Those L.A. Lights

los_angeles_night_lightsThose L.A. lights shine bright
From the drunks in Hyde Park
All the way down to Reseda
Where the giants settled
And breathed their last
Backlit by enormous strobes
Flashing like cameras in bloom
Illuminating crowded space
With their fishbowl effect
Spread across the miles
In this city of lost angels
Straining to find solace
So far away from home
Chasing those substantial ghosts
That haunt without haunting
Down south in Inglewood
Stretching arms toward Van Nuys
In a neverending embrace
Of love and understanding
Under lights as bright as day
Even in the dead of night.

Razor Sharp

898887-bigthumbnailThe knife cuts deep
In ragged crisscross lines
Lacerating my soul
Double-edged misery
Pressed firmly down
Between white pages
As the crimson spreads
In a pulsing wave
Like my broken heart
Bleeding out
Under the winter sun
So cold and still
Like polished steel
Glistening silver
Trained to wound
In capable hands
Bereft of human feel
An automaton
Who slices deep
On a razor’s edge
Cutting out my heart
Like so much meat
On a butcher’s block.

Break Me

break meBreak me like a promise
With your constant lies
That leave me fragile
This back and forth
Caught up in this pain
Familiar as my name
These swirling emotions
Come back like memories
Trapped in your vice
This constricting hold
Crushing my spirit
With your casual love
Obsession mounting
Like leaves in fall
Spread across the yard
My heart in pieces
Broken shards of glass
This see-through agony
Promise of more to come
If I decide to stay
And let you break me
All over again.