Absence of Sound

343ebf9687a3acbee7ce1dcd9ee00c0fIn the absence of sound
The world holds its breath
Collectively naive
Waiting for noise
A comprehensive wail
Signaling a baby’s birth
Or a brutal death
Yet there is mere silence
A pause before the storm
Consciously total
As intractable as fire
Burning through the night
But it makes no sound
Eerie and complete
Solemn like a funeral
Awash in bright light
But fading by the minute
In the absence of sound
The angels pause in song
And ponder eternity.

Hating You

love-hate-fists-featureSometimes I hate you
Not the you in my dreams
But the you on repeat
Struggling to remain relevant
While others pave new roads

Sometimes I hate you
The you that tries to hide
With shadows and light
Behind a mirror image
That defines while distorting

Sometimes I hate you
And I know it’s a strong word
To define a shocking truth
Lost in your constant mirage
That keeps me in your orbit

Sometimes I hate you
For leading me astray
You paragon of virtue
Changeable like the night
Just before morning comes

Sometimes I hate you
Because I love you too much.

Angel Dust

angel_dust_by_ladyrapid-d4o49txAngels fear to tread
Lightly across space
In an expanse of time
Consciously moved
Wings open to the sun
Drinking in its rays
Light dancing in shadow
Complete in itself
Fractals against a wall
Waiting for the shift
The settling down
Outlined against the sky
As they take flight
Beautiful like shards
Flung into the wind
To come tumbling back
Light as a puff of air
Swirling in the mist
Fragmented as it spins
Sweet angel dust remains.


Spreading like disease
All-consuming need
Drunk with feeling
Baroque and frail
Left to its own devices
That familiar friend
Famous for appetite
Often insatiable
The pressing of flesh
Soft and supple
Easily influenced
Through surrender
Giving in
To overwhelming want
And tortuous imbalance
Until it becomes one
Hot like fire
Incendiary like rain
Eclipsing all else
And bringing her home.

This Modern Love

dirty-text-messagesThis modern love
Most often confused
Tripping over itself
Before settling down
Into commonplace
Wrapped in ribbons
Tied tightly together
And slipping
Over jagged rocks
Rough like sand

This come-hither love
Always dressed to impress
Mired in the ordinary
Conscious of itself
And fading with time
Into its own shadow
Spun from gossamer
Young and naive
Like January rain
In a dry season

Disappearing at dusk
When dreams die
Replaced by reality
And post-modern love.

Knowing Me

Blue-mirrorYou think you know me
With your hand-me-down religion
And your judgmental fear
You tear me down with words
So I can build it back again
So I can get a tougher skin
More human than human
Sanding off my rough edges
But you don’t make me tick
This robot version you made of me
As fictional as a peaceful war
Waged for control of my soul
You think I’m a damned fool
For still needing approval
While I hide the real me inside
Slippery like the incoming tide
Before it slides back into the sea
Just like that I’m gone
Taking away every last vestige
Paper-thin and floating away
Existing only in past tense
Even from my muddled self
Because you don’t know me
So don’t pretend you ever did
That you could feel my tortured pain
As it cut me to the core
Bleeding me from the inside out
And it’s okay that you don’t know
That I’m not inside your head
Because I always loved you.