Ghosts Rising

Spirit-rising-from-body-ghost-death-1914250A shuddering sigh
Breaking the night
With its wanton noise
Emotionally stern
Lost to the cool air
Then floating away
Pain cuts deep
In solid, even lines
Frozen over
Crystallized by thought
Drowned in yesterday
Like stirring paint
Or ghosts rising
From sliding mists
And waking dreams
She sighs again
Exposed and ragged
Raw like iron
Dragged from the ground
But nothing changes
Except the shifting winds
That bring her back to me
Then dissipate her ghost
As it reaches for the sun.


burning-paper-woranan-thongkaemkaeoA page sits there blank
Bereft of any understanding
Conscious of its newness
Begging to be defiled

Words form in my scattered mind
Tentative but newly struck
Like a ringing bell
That echoes in the night

But I can’t sit to write
These letters strung in waves
Desperate to touch down
Fragmentary in my thoughts

Restless soul tracing back
Memories hitting home
Like scattered raindrops
Spots of black and white

And pain flows like a river
In flowing ink
Dark like thunderclouds
Before a dreadful storm

The page fills with meaning
Wrapped up in ironic lies
Thought up in a dream
Cast in dark shadows

Drained of emotion
The page catches flame
While the ashes disperse
Into a million pieces
Carried on the wind.