Love sets loose limits
It comes and it goes
Like so much wind
Whimsical at best
Suddenly shiftless
Lacking heart
Conscious of itself
But only at times
Often caught up
In exultation
When nothing matters
When love moves again
Tethered to apathy
Like mirror twins
The push and pull
Evident to most
But shoved aside
Lost in adoration
For the convention
For the constancy
Of this inconstant love
These sentimental tropes
This beautiful mess
That takes as it gives
Leaving us empty
Desperate for the next fix
When it only tears us apart
Piece by bloody piece
But hope springs eternal
Ravishing us in turn
Making us forget these pains
Caught up in the rush
Of a calculated love
That leaves us in ruins
Before lifting us again
Because love sets limits
And we are its slaves.