When the Bough Breaks


When the bough breaks
The squirrels scatter
Skittering across
To the next tree in line
Hedging their bets
With their form of god
The rain crashes through
Dancing leaf to leaf
Delighting the canopy
With its cadence
Lightning in the air
Thunder everywhere
Deafening in the woods
Where foxes take cover
Bedraggled as they are
And wait for the sun

When the bough breaks
It splits in half
And the gathering dusk
Consumes its jagged edges
In consistent shadows
Far from the maddening crowd
Of jaguars and bears
Who disappear for survival
Sprinting pell-mell
Into the underbrush
Like smokers on break
Waiting for salvation
As the lightning abates
In the gathering gloom
And these dangerous woods
Explode in divisive calm

When the bough breaks
The cataclysmic force of it
Cleaves the world in two
And leaves it speechless.

A Murder

There’s been a murder
Haunting my hallowed halls
Fading into the shadows
The scrabbling of feet
Clicking against tile
Sinking into wood
The unrepentantly angry
Gathered into droves
To purify this place
We sleep through it all
These creatures of the night
Silent nightmare made whole
Sugarplum stealing fairies
Their wings black as tar
Beaks sharpened for war
This vendetta so unnatural
It reeks of holy hell
And as daytime crawls
Across the expanse of night
Introducing themselves
Like strangers
They melt back into the walls
This consequential murder
Biding the daylight hours
When we come out to play
Oblivious to the near carnage
That can wait another night
Keen to see and be seen
Before darkness returns
And with it the black nature
Of cold predators
Lost inside our subconscious.

Waiting For Sunday

dcThis gnarled branch
Stretches up high
Like a child on tiptoe
Wanting to be seen
Face turned to the sun
This wood upon wood
Boundless in complexity
Striated by time

Two crows sit sentinel
Talons curled underneath
Heavy as a church
Waiting for Sunday
A rustling in the leaves
Testament to life
Shut up in its bones
Crying to be free

As shadows rain down
Formless in the void
A sound rings out
Splitting the distance
Scattering the birds
Like so much despair
Then wood upon wood
Cracks into pieces

Littering the forest floor.

Like Glass

curse_of_narcissus_moonmommWater clear and cool
Reflecting like glass
Showing imperfections
In shocking clarity
Fog rolling against
Sliding smoothly over
Like a knife’s blade
Sharpened by time
Ripples flow outward
Reaching the shore
Distorting faces
Shadowed in the smoke
Cleared by the breeze
Reflection flawless
As night closes in
For a moment of time
You can see forever
In its endless waves
And its beveled edge
Carved by sand
Then pressed into form
Just like glass.