Like Glass

fantasy wallpapersYou don’t know the me
That hides in shadow
Waiting to come alive
When dreams morph
Into nightmares
Solidly foreboding
Like crushing weight
Changing everything
While I sit here
Pretending life away
Saccharine smile
Put on for show
Convincing as sin
This tendency to please
Flipped inside out
This me you love
That doesn’t exist
Except in fantasy
Shared between us
Fragile like glass
Like these memories
In my periphery
These particles
That make us real
Even when we’re not.


Like ice
Tiptoe thin
Gently worn
Broken heart
Shot through
With moonlight
And love
Constant as rain
Ticking slow
Clocking time
Like fire
The slow burn
Melting smooth
Like shadows
Whisper light
Shifting ice
Thinning fair
As I try to move
Before drowning
In your wake.


time-and-fragile-bonesTime is fragile
Like gossamer wings
Stretched wide
But never torn
Oft forgotten
Yet never in vain
Gathering steam
Absorbing life
In starts and stops
Shifting perspective
Holding firm
Kind and generous
And unforgiving
It begs no mercy
Gives no quarter
But casts a shadow
Like a fishing net
Pulled in taut
And let out again
Time is invisible
Yet it moves the world
It’s a blazing fire
That’s never extinguished
Even when we are.


She’s fragile
Such savoir-faire
Tender as the night
With amber eyes
And amethyst heart
Quite a pity
That she won’t last
Like a daydream
Eyes closed
She soaks in the sun
With her ivory skin
Like porcelain
With an expiration date
Edged in gold
Faded for effect
Drifting apart
Gently like mist
A million destinations
Contained in one girl
Who slips away
Until the dawn.