A Lingering

This anticipation wrecks me
Drives a wedge between thought
And the expectation of action
Such a feather thin complication
That shapes all of eternity
Or just these restless hours
Fashioning a way to exhale
When all I can do is gasp
When everything is shaded gray
Like the dreams of yesterday
But I could never stay in that place
Could never reconcile this pain
With the dissolution of hope
Never construct a mechanism to cope
Even though they say I’m strong
These hands curled into fists
In pockets so large to be obscure
Carved from potential melancholy
Chipped shavings cut deeply
Living in this preordained limbo
A purgatory of the divine soul
Waiting for what may never come
Shackled to the possibilities
Hoping for this perfect forever
But expecting everything else
Because this is the way of things
These chances few and far apart
This hope fractured by time
And a solid wall of consequence
That can’t help but deny faith
Even when the stars align
So I sit and stare at the wall
Hoping for an answer.


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