If I gave you this excuse
These reasons to dismiss me
As nothing more than random
So much tinkling brass
Sounding into an abyss
So large that it echoes
Reverberating like glass
Struck by a tuning fork
Would you even listen?

And I would never blame you
If you didn’t accept this kiss
If you gave into consequences
That shattered this reflection
These pieces of a broken life
Before it had even begun
With so many whispered hopes
Left to wither on the vine
Of this disenfranchised heart

If I gave you these promises
This invitation to abuse me
Because I have no self-esteem
Rendered numb by a profusion of lies
All believable until they weren’t
All exhaled by perfect lips
That I wish I had never kissed
So many destroyed perceptions
Would you be vulnerable with me?

Would you take me as I am
This hollow man I’ve become
And breathe into me new life
The kind without an expiration
The one I don’t have to question
For fear it will disappear
Will you stitch me back together
With the pieces left behind
And hope the gaps don’t show?

If I gave you this one chance
Would you understand my limits
Would you give me space to exhale
When I need to expel this tepid air
Would you wrap yourself around me
Without smothering
Could you stop pretending
That I’m okay
When I’m so obviously not?


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