Playlists & Apologies

The song plays on repeat
This playlist destroyed
Wrecked by expectation
And way too much Celine
Her apologies much too late
Overgrown like weeds
Making me want to scream
To hyperventilate
Drive a stake into the ground
And dance around it
She looks like a statue
Frozen to the spot
No chance to pivot
Or reclaim her standing
But she won’t go down like this
These excuses on her lips
Like all the lies before
When the music was her song
And the playlist was “love”
But the tension has drawn tight
The marionette strings cut
The music drowning out all else
Except for the whispered plea
Save for the accidental grace
That often makes mistakes
That draws in these angel wings
And I believe she can fly
But this isn’t R. Kelly
No choir in the background
Just a woman standing still
In the middle of my epiphany
Waiting for the song to end
As if it ever will.


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