The crucifix burns
Startled by this sin
Affixed beneath this skin
Like so many times before
When prayers fell like rain
Into this bowl of holy water
But these tears are on pause
Hanging by this thinnest thread
Waiting for this watershed
A lightening over Calvary
A thundering in my ancient bones
To bring me back to life
My fingers on this pulse
That beats out of time
Out of tune with the music
That threatens to overwhelm
This sacred silence in my soul
Knees scarred from falling
Knuckles sore from clenching
This Catholicism wilting
Like flowers in the storm
The transgressions mounting
As swiftly as the current
Drowning me in its undertow
Perfectly sealing this tattoo
This ever present cross
Ingrained upon my flesh
Like a living, breathing thing
Stitching me together again
When I am broken.

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