Fugue in A Minor

This whisper burns clean
Simmering as it sterilizes
A hummingbird kiss
So full of surprises
This fantasy realized
In the shadow left behind
When you stopped loving me

It all started with a look
An invitation to a dance
The promise of consequence
A forever left to chance
When love was a side effect
That counted double
But that was an age ago

The gossip in these walls
Thriving on pain and misery
We stand on opposite sides
Of this sordid history
This incandescent afterlife
This one-sided misery
The charred remnants of love

Now only this breath remains
As balmy as a summer’s day
A tantalizing reminder
Of what I could never say
My heart beating overtime
Marking conspicuous hours
Since the death of love

Yet a flickering stays true
Because I’ll always love you.


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