2 Sugars

I put in 2 sugars
Raw like these wounds
Finely crystallized
Skimming the surface
Dissolving like rain
In the rainy season

Steam rises in waves
Dissipating in the air
So warm and fragile
Held together for now
But waiting for release
Cooling finely inert

This cream, a milky white
Blending into mocha, smooth
As the surface of the sea
When it waits for a storm
A fractional ripple
Anticipating sweetness

Froth touching my lips
From an overwhelming foam
Kissing quick, then gone
A semiprecious exchange
That tastes like heaven
All clouds and radiance

I put in 2 sugars
Like I’ve always done before
A recalcitrant habit
And I’ll do my penance
In the cruel light of day
But for tonight I drink

And savor the sweetness.


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