What Lurks Beneath

Behind these chocolate eyes
There’s a tentative monster
Waiting to explode into life
To throw off this shell
And love without limits
But that’s not enough
That’s not the only way
To tell you how I feel
To give you fair warning
Before showing you the flip side
Of this dear reverent love
This apocalyptic salvo
Threatening like storm clouds
A sonic boom reverberating
Thickly through my skull
This waiting for a revelation
That may never be fully real
A realization of my limitations
These scars thick like ropes
Holding me captive in my own skin
And the love that I would know
Imprisoned in this empty husk
Because paused energy is stagnant
It drains before giving up the ghost
Before exhaling into this cold night
Visible for a second
Then fading like these emotions
Like this pervasive impotence
That led me straight into your arms
Where you made me wish for a death
That will probably never come.


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