Used to Love You

broken-1-1There is an indentation
Where your body used to be
These transcendental longings
The absence of reciprocity
And though I never knew you
Not the one who walked away
I think I used to love you anyway

There are these constant whispers
From an incidental time
When all we had was circumstance
All the spoils without the crime
But these words, they fade away
Like this love from yesterday

And I don’t know why I never cried
Perhaps a long delayed response
Is waiting to claim me as its own
This measured nonchalance
Yet I can’t help this still refrain
If love’s the cause of all my pain

So give me time, this precious space
To help me see another day
To give me strength to help erase
These broken promises assay
Because nothing is beyond the pale
When love’s the author of this tale

Now hate has replaced apathy
That displaced love so perfectly
And all the stars I used to see
Have turned around to ignore me
Not the me you couldn’t satisfy
But the one who looked you in the eye

Because I used to love you
But now it’s time for goodbye.


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