Happy Now


Are you happy now
In your cellophane world
In your aluminum cage
That fences in
As much as it keeps out?
Is your conscience eased
By this full stop love
Painful in its urgency
Finally left for dead?
Can you contemplate a future
Devoid of contradiction
Yet full of these silences
That cut like a switchblade?
Or is happiness just a construct
Designed to nullify rage
To belittle apathy
Like butterflies in flight?
Is this your perfection
Outlined in a mediocrity
So pure it stings to touch
Or just another chapter?
Is this another excuse
That drips of insincerity
Shackled to an impermanence
Wearing a frozen smile?
Are you happy now
In the middle of your change
After the death of love
That complicates
As much as it solves?
Will it ever be enough
To make you forget
Or have you already moved on
Without me?


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