A Murder

There’s been a murder
Haunting my hallowed halls
Fading into the shadows
The scrabbling of feet
Clicking against tile
Sinking into wood
The unrepentantly angry
Gathered into droves
To purify this place
We sleep through it all
These creatures of the night
Silent nightmare made whole
Sugarplum stealing fairies
Their wings black as tar
Beaks sharpened for war
This vendetta so unnatural
It reeks of holy hell
And as daytime crawls
Across the expanse of night
Introducing themselves
Like strangers
They melt back into the walls
This consequential murder
Biding the daylight hours
When we come out to play
Oblivious to the near carnage
That can wait another night
Keen to see and be seen
Before darkness returns
And with it the black nature
Of cold predators
Lost inside our subconscious.


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