I look back at her
But she turns away
To face the shadows
This tension stretched
Taut like barbed wire
Between the two extremes
Of this fabricated love
And an encroaching apathy
That lives in shadow
Eschewing the light
For contrivance
And I know she’s not coming
Because of this fear
Because it’s complicated
Like an hour before dawn
When nothing is certain
It’s in the tilt of her head
In the rise of her chest
In the beating of her heart
Pounding in time with mine
But something is broken
Shaken and cracked inside her
Just as it is in me
So I understand the sigh
The turn and the sigh
That says give it time
It will all come around
And if it doesn’t
Then we’ll always have this tension
This moment before we touch
Even if we never do.


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