o-SAD-LOOKING-WOMAN-facebookThis is not a test
Not a floundering idea
But the real thing
A chance to be honest
To make up for lost time
And this aching need
To give you comfort
When you need my silence
More than air to breathe
So I sit here on Tuesday
Trying to figure you out
Without being fake
Without giving the pat reply
Even though I want to
Because I love your smile
But it comes at an expense
A pressing down
A smoothing out
When you need to explode
Not to sit in a corner
And look the preferential part
Or to look pretty on my arm
The fire twinkles in your eyes
But it’s far from happy
It is barely contained anger
And I want you to know
You can scream in my direction
You can unleash your soul
Because I can absorb it all
With a calculated silence
And a nodding of my head
Content to be your board
On which you can sound off
Like you never have before
And somehow find solace
In the sounding.


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