Impatient Love

thLove is not patient
At least not the kind I know
Which is as real as pain
And its many relatives
It’s a construct made to tease
To exact emotional vengeance
On those who accept it
Who use it as a crutch
Because love doesn’t care
It denies a certain artifice
That exists in everything else
A kind of creative relevance
Found in acceptance of life
And the harsh lessons it teaches
But love is demanding
It crushes hopes and dreams
Scattering them like confetti
And pretending it’s a party
Because love is a prison
We lock ourselves in tight
Hoping we never have to be free again
Doing what it takes to conform
To be who love wants us to be
Or we die trying
Death a respite from a loveless world
We wait for a sign
That’s never going to come
Because love is not patient
No matter how much we are.


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