A small flute - grave of the unknown glacial geologistThe dust won’t settle
No matter what I do
This swirling storm
Of pinpoint needles
Jabbing at my soul
A haunting specter
Dancing on my open grave
Or close enough to it
To disturb this sleep
A music so haunting
It stirs those memories
That are best left buried
Like this thought of you
Creeping up behind
Stunning in its clarity
After all these years
And this angry love
This seismic understanding
A shift in rhetoric
It kills me all over again
Or awakens a side of me
That I cannot control
It’s not a question
Of time or place
It’s a question of you
But I don’t want to know
The answer never straightforward
The consequences dire
You stand above my tombstone
As if writing an epitaph
But I know it’s not that simple
And the settling takes time
The dust shifting
To cover me in sections
Until I can see you no more
If you were ever really there
But I imagine you dancing
One arm flung high overhead
And I make my peace
With these disjointed memories
Because nothing really matters
So long as you’re content

I’ll take the dust.


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