npp_001If I wanted to stop time
And remember your face
If I needed to withdraw
To leave at midnight
If I should have recognized
The moisture in your eyes
As sedimentary tears
If I could have agreed
Just once more
With everything you said
If I desperately counted hours
Waiting for you to realize
That I was the one you wanted
If I needed to remind you
That it’s okay to be honest
If I could have broken your heart
To see if it was still beating
If I wanted to come home
And sink into your arms
Exactly like a child
If I could have argued
If that would make you stay
Then maybe I shouldn’t
If I constructed a fiction
And you played the starring role
What would I ultimately win?
If I could do it all again
Would I linger at your door?
Because I’ve seen it all before
And it never ends well
This need for excuses
This one-way road I’m on
That should lead away from you
If I could only let go.


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