Drowning Static

IMG_4548The view encompasses forever
Or the edge of a street corner
Teeming with urban wildlife
The exchange of quality goods
Music blasting from car speakers
Drowning out the static
Until only feedback remains
Lost in the undertow
Of avenues long submerged
Beneath gristle and bone
The six foot dance with death
This two step parlance
Without a definite partner
Or an illumination of the soul
The edge of the curb rises up
A concrete reminder of fear
This demarcation of territory
Cordoned off in yellow strips
An endless parade of civility
Stretched thin by circumstance
Carved into the nearest lamppost
That shines down over me
As I wait for the number 10 bus
Shackled to mortality
This need for survival throbbing
Like my incessant heartbeat
Reminding me to breathe evenly
Because tomorrow requires calm
And yesterday has forgotten us
Just as track marks fade
While the music dominates the space
Left vacant by a revolution.


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