485096786-niagara-river-niagara-falls-waterfall-steam-vapor-canadaLies tumbling from your lips
Like a cascading waterfall
Casually intrusive
Preternaturally intimate
These fractured words
Limping to the finished line
As if the race was already lost
The foot soldiers all gone home
But I’m still here standing
In the place we used to meet
Before tight shadows closed in
Blocking out our collective sun
Like these lies by omission
Lost in convoluted excuses
And entreaties for clemency
I miss your subterfuge
The mind games you enjoy
Wrapped up in platitudes
This invisibility with wings
Taking you far from me
Your lies like string
Unraveling at a rapid pace
Until I’m tangled in fiction
Slamming heavily to earth
Like a revelation of sorts
Burned in the everlasting forge
Cooling under the river’s flow
Until you disappear in steam.


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