unrequitedAt the beginning there was love
An expansion of a shared idiosyncrasy
That defined them without infringing
A blending of differences into one
Spoken in a common language
Broken by collective intent
Because love is never enough
In the shifting sands of time
Emotion clouding everything else
Like a painting under blacklight
As murky as the decision to leave
She sits on her bed amid the tears
Where they used to make sweet love
Replaced by a bitter reprieve
That twisted the knife in deep
Her guts spilled in its wake
And now she’s bleeding out
That tepid love draining away
To reveal a purity left vacant
Trapped inside the ultimate lies
Structured to keep her in place
This fluctuating pulse, unsteady,
Still beating in time with his
Even though he’s disappeared
And she’s left with an empty space
That used to be filled by them
When they were in love
Or at least adjacent to it
At the beginning.


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