Enter Night

nightloveThe night is young
Like a suckling child
Content in mother’s arms
This flight of fancy
Black like tar
Rising on the air
And settling

The night leaves me
Breathless in my rush
As tangible as skin
Dancing under hands
Rough and careworn
This collective sigh
A rustling of sheets
Cool and dry

The night slides by
As guilty as sin
Hidden by black stars
That twinkle unseen
Like the sheer idea
Of you and me
Desperate to stay
In these shadows

The night fades away
Replaced by day
Cold and distant
Like a lifeless husk
A harsh exposure
Bleaching us dry
And this distant love
Just a memory.


2 thoughts on “Enter Night

  1. I have had a picture like this stored for months and I could never put words to it. This is beautiful. Thank you.

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