universe-galaxy-lake-of-sorrow-blue-fantasy-planet-sky-space-stars-299574The night gives up its secrets
Piecemeal, like a sleeping child
Fluttering eyelids give them away
As the night bleeds into day
While the colors blend together
Beautiful like the rising sun
Sliding across the eastern sky
Settling like so much dust
Promises given in morning light
Forgotten by wandering minds
In the spectral haze of time
That fades in the gloaming
As dusk replaces fantasy
And night closes like a veil
Across the edge of the world
Daring to see past tomorrow
Eyelids shimmering with stars
That sparkle when they close
Revealing a magic seldom seen
As sleep reclaims its own
Holding its secrets close
As its breath fogs up the glass.


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