In Pieces

Broken_heart_love_12My heart is in pieces
Frozen, then shattered
By the essence of you
By the cadence of your walk
And the very way you talk
But we’ve never shared a word
Not one tiny little glance
Even though I’ve stared through you
And followed you on the train
And snuck into your place
It’s okay because you weren’t there
I breathed in your scent
While kneeling at your altar
That holy shrine of you
Before slipping out again
We’re perfect for each other
But that you’ll never see
Because you’ll never notice me
While I mourn what should be
And my heart breaks once more
Every time you flip your hair
Or when you pass me by
While I’m standing in your path
A ruse to make you adjust
But it’s all I can manage
This painful dance for one
And I’m in pieces
Because you have no idea
That I might be the one for you
If I could pull myself together
Enough to say your name.


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