dark_alleyThe night envelops her
Cold and distant
A heady embrace
Tempered by time
Faintly sparkling
Seen through a haze
Smoky like her eyes
When she looks at me

A breeze blows by
Rushing to get somewhere
Other than here
Locked in staged combat
Fragmentary at best
While she steals away
Faint footfalls testament
To her stealthy escape

Her ear pressed to stone
Listening to it age
As I watch her unbeknownst
Caught up in a sigh
Unexpressedly tender
Fading to irrelevance
Wondering what might happen
If I speak

Then the moment passes
Night turns to day
And with it comes decay
Eating me from the inside
Tearing off more pieces
Of my shattered heart
Smoke rising in layers
To block out the sun.


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